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Hawaii Spirulina 200 tablets

Hawaii Spirulina 200 tablets

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pure quintessence of nature


Use of the Hawaii Spirulina

We get the best spirulina in the world from the clean seawater in the pristine nature of the Hawaiian Islands. This unique environment, which bathes spirulina in sunlight as the plant slowly grows and strengthens, is the secret to its exceptionality and to the energy and unique
composition it provides to boost bodily health and vitality**. It may help maintain ideal blood sugar levels* and keep body weight in check***. It encompasses an astonishing array of vitamins, minerals and
nutrients. Hawaiian spirulina contains almost twice as many biologically beneficial substances as any other spirulina and approximately 30
nutrients that are not present in other types of spirulina at all. It is the best source of easily digestible plant protein (up to 70% of the content at 80% absorbability).

* Statements provided are EFSA compliant.

Energy characteristics

Spirulina quickly renews the body’s efficiency and regenerates the organism during high stress loads, so we can offer it not only to supplement strength, but it can be successfully used within the
framework of the preservation of a youthful body and mind, too. Its rejuvenating effects assist in maintaining the body’s high degree of adaptability, including in moments of poor diet (alcohol, unhealthy diet…). It represents one of the best variants of harmonisation during
the overall derailment of the organism.

Active ingredients

Arthrospira platensis.

Recommended daily dose

2 tablets, one to three times a day. Do not exceed recommended daily
dose. In all cases, after three weeks interrupt the application for one week. It is recommended to increase your intake of fluids within the period of application.

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