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Korovet 30ml

Korovet 30ml

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Stimulates transport functions in the body. Increases the blood supply to tissues. Harmonises the psyche.

Product use

A natural herbal concentrate acting on the organs and tissues of the Fire element in the Five Element Regenerationg concept. It harmonizes the heart, pericardium, small intestine and blood vessels. Overall, it improves the transport functions in the animalís body, at the organ, cellular and biochemical levels. It improves the blood supply to the tissues. It stimulates the spleen, pancreas, stomach and nervous system (Earth element). It inhibits hyperactivity of the liver, gallbladder and connective tissue (Wood element).  

  • It activates the formation of blood components (red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets) and has an effect particularly on the spleen (Korovet).
  • Convulsions, tics and epilepsy of any origin (Etovet, Fytovet).
  • Strengthening of the nervous system (Etovet, Fytovet).
  • Support of the formation of blood components (Imunovet).
  • Prevention of cardiovascular diseases (Omegavet).
  • After myocardial infarction and stroke Ė administer for a maximum of 2 days (Omegavet, Fytovet).
  • Restoration of tissues through increased blood circulation (Imunovet).
  • A geriatric agent (Omegavet).
  • Acute liver and gallbladder diseases (Imunovet).
  • Support of pancreatic digestive enzyme production (Fytovet).
  • Acute inflammation of joints (painful, hot) (Imunovet, Skelevet).
  • Supplementary treatment in cancer patients (Cytovet, Imunovet).
  • Harmonisation of the psyche (Etovet).
  • Promotion of enjoyment of life (Fytovet).
  • Suppression of aggression (Etovet).

Recommendation from vet

I use Korovet primarily to treat the majority of epileptiform and/or
convulsive conditions without the need for additional medication. The advantage is its temporary use. When used in old animals, it, among other things, increases vitality and enjoyment of life. - Lubomir Chmelar, DVM

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