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Skeletin 135 softgels

Skeletin 135 softgels

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natural food supplement


Use of the natural food supplement Skeletin

Skeletin is a natural product containing the active substance collagen, which helps maintain healthy joints*.

Common nettle maintains healthy bones, hair and nails**, supports healthy skin and healing of wounds****. Bladder and kidney*** health is ensured by rosehip, which also acts as an antioxidant and supports the body’s natural resilience.

*Statements provided are EFSA compliant.

Active ingredients

Micronized cuttlebone, collagen, fish oil, stinging nettle stem/leaf extract, manganese sulphate, rosehip fruit extract.

Recommended daily dose

2-2-1 softgels per day, preferably after a meal. Do not exceed recommended daily dose. After three weeks interrupt the application for one week. It is recommended to increase your intake of fluids within the period of application. The product is not recommended to people hypersensitive to soybean, bees’ and sea products.

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