Korolen and Mycocard: Essential supplements for mental well-being in turbulent times

Everything seems chaotic right now – the weather, global events, people’s moods – but life goes on. How do we cope with it all? How can we support our mental health, heart, and optimism amidst so many uncertainties and dangers? What I appreciate about Energy is that anyone can manage these challenges with just a bit of knowledge and willingness. Here's how to navigate these turbulent times:

  1. Trust: Have faith in life, Earth, our bodies, friends, family, and most importantly, ourselves. Trust is crucial because it helps us recognise the support and opportunities around us.

  2. Be kind: Embrace kindness. Share it, even if some see it as a weakness. Kindness is a great strength, helping us to persevere through tough times. Plus, kindness often comes back to us when we need it most.

  3. Live in the moment: Enjoy every minute. Because the future is uncertain, focus on the present. If your thoughts drift to the past or future, gently bring your attention back to what you’re doing right now.

  4. Care for yourself: When fear or worry strikes and nothing else helps, ask yourself what you need. Whether it's a hug, a walk, or a flower, taking care of yourself is crucial. Think of your body like a horse in a big race; it needs good care, feeding, and some pampering.

  5. Use Energy products: If you need more support, consider Energy products like Korolen and Mycocard. They strengthen the Fire element – Korolen boosts its yang energy, while Mycocard enhances its yin energy.

Korolen Use Korolen when you lack joy, feel mentally exhausted, or are constantly tired from mental overload. It’s also great for insomnia with frequent waking, vivid dreams, low or high blood pressure from long-term stress, and certain types of depression. For circulation issues, combine it with Regalen at different times of the day. Korolen also helps with various psychosomatic problems.

Mycocard Mycocard calms and soothes the mind, making it ideal for agitation, manic states, and balancing the psyche in long-term psychiatric patients. It works quickly, has no contraindications with psychiatric medications, and helps with rapid heart activity, post-heart attack conditions, and other heart issues. It pairs well with any product, especially Korolen, addressing a wide range of psychological and physical problems related to the Fire element.

Other combinations Remember, the heart nourishes our spirit. If the heart’s energy is lacking, we suffer. Both Korolen and Mycocard are beneficial for mental health. Common combinations include:

There are many more combinations, but that’s for another time. Take care and best wishes.

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