Our Products

We view the human body as a single whole. There is neither health nor disease in it. Only harmony and disharmony. We seek the causes of imbalance, and we gently influence the body to return it to its natural strength and vitality.

All our products are made with deep responsibility, the use of the latest knowledge of phytotherapy, aromatherapy, homoeopathy, and respect for the principles of traditional Chinese medicine.

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Our Values

Every step we take is based on real, meaningful values. We respect balanced results both in products and in business relationships. We have no products that we do not use ourselves and do not give to our
children. A team of good people is a prerequisite for any success. We have a passion for nature, a sense of detail, and the joy of a job well done.

Our Quality

All of our products are as natural as possible. Active ingredients largely come from wild harvesting or organic
farming. We do not use anonymous suppliers. We strive to recognise the value of all places and people behind the individual medicinal herbs, precious oils, essences and other ingredients used in the manufacture of our products. We are responsible in using only the most selective, purest and most effective active ingredients available to maintain the sheer excellence of our products. Developments and formulations are always guided solely by the resulting value of products, so that we can look our customers in the eye.

We take responsibility for all shortcomings, we learn openly from our own mistakes, and we try to capitalise on these lessons in a way that can only take us forward. Energy is officially FDA registered company and all provided statements are EFSA compliant.

Our Commitment

We never compromise when it comes to our values or quality. Our fundamental priority and prerequisite is for customers to feel good. If, for any reason, that feel-good factor is impaired, we are committed to making a full refund.