The Five Element Regeneration - Herbal Concentrates is a cornerstone of our offer. It is based on a holistic approach to a human, respecting the fact that body and mind are interconnected. It rests upon the ancient Yin-Yang theory and the theory of five elements, updated by the latest knowledge of modern science. The preparations operate on two main levels in the human organism: Through phytotherapy, they influence individual body organs, and, through homeopathic components, they act upon the controlling subcortical centers in the brain and influence the very source of a disease. These five herbal concentrates are composed to correspond to the energies of the five basic natural elements and to help bring all life processes in the body into a balanced state: Vironal – Metal, Regalen – Wood, Renol – Water, Gynex – Earth, Korolen – Fire.

As supplements to herbal concentrates, The Five Element Regeneration - Herbal Body Creams are available, corresponding to the energies of the five elements as well: Droserin – Metal, Protektin – Wood, Artrin – Water, Cytovital – Earth, Ruticelit – Fire. Their thoroughly tailored formulas contain exceptional 5% of herbal extract and are rich in protective substances. Other important components include tertiary thermal water, humates with anti-inflammatory effects as well as extracts of precious resins (myrrh, incense, Croton lechleri) providing ammaximum regenerating effect. The Five Element Regeneration - Herbal Body Creams are exceptional not only for their composition, but also for the possibilities of their therapeutic usage. They easily penetrate the skin from where they get into tissues, thus positively influencing not only the very skin but also the deep down situated organs and their systems.

The basic principle of the Mycosynergy range is mycotherapy, i.e. the use of the extraordinary properties of selected fungi species in cooperation with another important component, which is phytotherapy. Carefully selected herbal extracts strengthen the effect of vital mushrooms in the desired direction while supporting areas that mushrooms alone would tend to weaken in such high doses. The final products are balanced, well-tolerated preparations with high and clearly defined effects.

Designed for internal and external use, humate preparations contain peat extracts – so called humates – contributing significantly to the cleansing of the organism. They are able to deal with a large number of mutagens such as different kinds of radiation, substances produced by combustion (incl. smoking), chemicals…
Humates bind heavy metals, toxins as well as organic and inorganic substances and discharge them from the body without posing any risks to the organism. In particular, they protect the intestines and prevent harmful substances from penetrating the bloodstream. Humic substances have strong antioxidant properties: they are able to constrain free radicals to “die out”. They are powerful immunomodulators providing a broad protective effect.

After penicillin was discovered, people thought they would eradicate bacteria-induced infections. Nowadays, it becomes increasingly clear that the nature is able to withstand the disbalance caused by antibiotics and the microbes even seem to get the better of this duel. No surprise. The most coughs and sneezes are induced by viruses but are still cured with antibiotics very often. The result: increase of microbial resistance to drugs. It is obvious that the usage of antibiotics has to be strictly considered and that time has come to look for new ways. Energy products can be one of them…

Probiotic bacterial strains have a beneficial effect on the maintenance of healthy intestinal microflora that is important for good digestion and strong immunity. Probiotics protect against multiplication of pathogenic microbes, mainly bacteria and fungi, in the intestines and in the whole organism. Moreover, they play their role in prevention of the development of tumours and food allergies. They are suitable as a supplement to the antibiotic treatment; they are administered in the course of treatment and afterwards.

Green foods, sometimes referred to as superfoods, are unquestionably the quintessence of the world today. Hailing from purely natural sources with minimal processing, their importance lies in the various nutritional elements they contain. They are a source of essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids and other substances crucial for our bodies. Whereas synthetic products are a set of isolated substances, the individual active ingredients of green foods work together in complex and precisely defined ways. They rely on the principle of synergy – the interaction of multiple substances, the resultant effect of which is compounded. What is more, all of the active ingredients are ideally proportioned to ensure their proper absorption and optimal use. Our mission is to find the very best quintessences that can still be found in out-of-the-way spots around the world, in pockets where the environment remains pure. Only here, in virgin nature, can we harvest the finest biological resources, which we process sparingly, check thoroughly and package fresh.

Discover our collection of highly effective and all-natural therapeutic products, specially designed to cater to the well-being of all animal species. Perfect for both non-professionals and veterinarians alike.

At our eshop, we firmly believe in the power of gradual and comprehensive care to positively impact animal health in the long term. Our products are thoughtfully developed, considering a wide range of perspectives from the professional community and breeders, resulting in a synergistic connection that enhances their effectiveness.

We take pride in using only the finest natural ingredients, sourced primarily from wild cultivation or organic farming. This ensures that our products are gentle yet highly potent, providing the best care for your cherished companions. With our therapeutic solutions, you can rest assured that you're making a responsible and caring choice for your animals' well-being.

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