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Ruticelit Shampoo 180ml

Ruticelit Shampoo 180ml

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Natural herbal shampoo


Use of the natural shampoo Ruticelit

Ruticelit is a shampoo more suitable for dark hair. It inhibits the occurrence of dandruff, strengthens hair, and by increasing blood flow to the scalp it facilitates the overall hair regeneration.

Through the energy system of reflexive zones and acupuncture points it has a positive effect on the overall physical condition and emotional state. It contains herbal extracts, essential oils, and thermal water.

Active ingredients

Herbal extract (great burnet, sweetclover, American whitchhazel, common kidneyvetch, pot marigold, European black currant, common rue, Japanese pagoda tree, common comfrey, horse chestnut, buckwheat, maidenhair tree, common St. Johnswort, field horsetail, mountain arnica), essential oils (sweet scented geranium, sour orange (Bigarade), vanilla, rose, cypress).

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