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Ruticelit Soap 100g

Ruticelit Soap 100g

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Natural glycerine soap


Use of Ruticelit soap

Ruticelit is the most universal soap of all The Five Element Regeneration® soaps. It may be used in any cases of skin reddening and blood congestion, or, on the contrary, in cases of abnormal paleness of the skin. It may inhibit further development of vitiligo. It harmonises the overall functioning of the skin. This soap is usable for all skin types.

From mental point of view, this soap may increase your motivation, socialness, and overall vitality.

Active ingredients

Herbal extract (great burnet, sweetclover, American whitchhazel, common kidneyvetch, pot marigold, European black currant, common rue, Japanese pagoda tree, common comfrey, horse chestnut, buckwheat, maidenhair tree, common St. Johnswort, field horsetail, mountain arnica), essential oils (English lavender, Norway spruce, tangor, niaouli-tree, balsam of Tolu, common yarrow).

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