The Pentagram of herbal drops is a cornerstone of our offerings. It is based on a holistic approach to humans, acknowledging the interconnectedness of body and mind. Drawing inspiration from the ancient Yin-Yang theory and the theory of five elements, it incorporates the latest knowledge from modern science. These preparations operate on two main levels within the human organism: through phytotherapy, influencing individual body organs, and through homeopathic components, acting upon the controlling subcortical centers in the brain and influencing the very source of diseases.

The five herbal concentrates are meticulously composed to align with the energies of the five basic natural elements and facilitate a balanced state in all life processes within the body: Vironal – Metal, Regalen – Wood, Renol – Water, Gynex – Earth, Korolen – Fire.

As supplements to herbal drops, The Five Element Regeneration - Herbal Body Creams are available, corresponding to the energies of the five elements: Droserin – Metal, Protektin – Wood, Artrin – Water, Cytovital – Earth, Ruticelit – Fire. Their carefully crafted formulas contain an exceptional 50% herbal extract and are rich in protective substances. Other important components include tertiary thermal water, humates with anti-inflammatory effects, as well as extracts of precious resins (myrrh, incense, Croton lechleri), providing a maximum regenerating effect.

The Five Element Regeneration - Herbal Body Creams are exceptional not only for their composition but also for the therapeutic possibilities they offer. They easily penetrate the skin, reaching tissues and positively influencing not only the skin but also the organs and their systems situated deep down.

More and more frequently, Western civilizations are turning to ancient teachings in an attempt to rediscover skills lost over time. The most valuable state for a human is to remain centered, in their internal core. However, various life situations often disturb this balance, making it challenging to return to the center—the original position of oneself. The easiest way to regain this balance is through small daily rituals.

Similar to bio-information creams, The Five Element Regeneration - Natural Soaps - Droserin, Protektin, Artrin, Cytovital, and Ruticelit - contain herbal extracts, pure natural essences, and tertiary thermal water. These products not only have beneficial effects on the skin and hair but also, through the energy system of acupuncture points and reflexive zones, can influence overall physical condition and emotional well-being. The gentle effects and highest possible natural formulas of these products are significant advantages.

The benefits of The Five Element Regeneration can be further enhanced not only by using the soaps but also by incorporating the shampoos. This combination accelerates organism recovery, aligning with the traditional principle of Chinese medicine, where simultaneous action from the inside and outside is essential. Simultaneously, we have the opportunity to establish a regular cleansing ritual for the body and mind using these products. By doing so, we contribute to the creation and reinforcement of harmony, adhering to a proven recipe for a satisfied and meaningful life. Taking care of our health and balancing our lives takes on a new and unexpected dimension.

The individual soaps and shampoos of The Five Element Regeneration - Hair Care support the actions of the five elements, allowing us to explore various directions without concerns about deviation. All we need to do is choose one of these products.

The real secret is hidden not only in every Renove skin care product but, first of all, inside every one of us. The outside beauty reflects the status of our inner body and mind, and this is why we take care not only for our skin but we also restore the harmony of our entire organism. When wishing to have a perfect skin, we must understand our body first! Pentagram skin care creams (supplemented by a natural revitalizing serum) offer a unique opportunity for us not only to take care of our skin - so that it is healthy and beautiful and that we feel well - but also to become connected with ourselves. Thanks to these products, we can tune us to ourselves, work with intuitions, reveal our nature and help ourselves. An experience one would not expect from skin care cosmetics!