Today, we will talk about two products that really get along well: Mycopulm and Stimaral. They prove effective not only in combating post-COVID fatigue but practically any fatigue. However, their benefits extend even further.


Mycopulm is a mushroom-based product designed to strongly support "chi." Chi is translated as energy, but it is a much broader concept. It is a vital force representing not only the basic component of the universe but also flowing within our bodies. Its movement follows acupuncture pathways and is a part of the blood, revitalising and supporting organ function; it is the principle of life itself. Lungs govern it, sending it throughout the body, communicating with chi globally through breath, and selectively directing it where needed. Have you ever noticed how we automatically change our breathing when something hurts? There are several respiratory exercises capable of healing various illnesses. Perhaps the most well-known is yoga pranayama, so effective that it can be dangerous in inexperienced hands.

And why am I writing about all this in relation to Mycopulm? It's because we are currently facing worsened air quality, singing and deep breathing are rare; our lungs operate only at a fraction of their capacity. Nature follows an unpleasant rule - what we don't use, deteriorates. And it gets sick. The number of patients with asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and those who are simply "lung-weak" is increasing. This is especially concerning for children, termed as "movement deprivation." People often fear for their children so much that they restrict their movement. Conversely, some overload them with high-performance sports activities. Only a few let their children play outside and observe them from afar as they slide, run, fall, scrape their knees, and sometimes their hands...and cheer joyfully. If this doesn't happen, not only do children fail to learn how to move safely in the terrain, test their limits, and toughen up, but they also neglect lung training. Let's not forget that the emotion associated with the lungs is sadness, and there is an excess of it around us. We mourn the beauty of old, beetle-infested forests, clean water in rivers, old times... These are just a few attacks on our chi! Additionally, screens force us to concentrate on a small, flashing area, which is very exhausting for chi.

Enough of that! I just wanted to outline that chi is an omnipresent force that circulates within us but is also quite vulnerable. What are the consequences of such an injury? Fatigue, slowed body circulation, mental discomfort up to depression, lack of interest in anything. Weak voice, shortness of breath, and impaired tissue oxygenation are advanced signs of weakened lung chi.


And for all of this, we can use Mycopulm. It restores chi in the body, especially in the lung chi. In combination with Stimaral, it can do even more. This combination strengthens chi and targets it to the digestive organs and the heart. This restores digestion, and the body is enriched not only with energy but also with nutrients. Can you already see the advantageous cooperation? Stimaral, by supporting the spleen, liver, and heart, contributes to blood formation—more precisely, enriching blood with nutrients. And that's a win. Our body gets what it needs. Its power is enormous, capable of handling incredible situations, serious injuries... It just needs strength and nutrients. This combination of products provides both.

- Dr Alexandra Vosatkova, MD
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