Winter can make people more likely to get sick, and that can be a problem, especially if you already have health issues. To help you out, we've put together a pair of products – Cistus Complex and King Kong – that can help turn things around when conditions get tough.

Managing fatigue and infections

When you feel tired and have an infection at the same time, using both Cistus and King Kong is a good idea. This can be super helpful if you're dealing with a persistent cough or if there are lots of infections going around in your family, especially if you have little kids. Using both products together can treat the infection and help you feel less tired.

This duo is also handy for dealing with issues like chlamydia, which can be pretty bothersome. Using these products can make a real difference.

Fighting resistant bacteria

Cistus and King Kong are also great for supporting people in serious situations, especially when it comes to bacteria that don't respond well to antibiotics. These are bacteria that have been exposed to antibiotics a lot and have become resistant to them. One example is MRSA, a tricky bacteria that causes problems in hospitals, especially for people who are already sick. In situations like these, using King Kong and Cistus together can be a big help. Cistus fights the bacteria, and King Kong gives the body a boost, especially when it's feeling worn out from different illnesses.

Dealing with chronic wounds

Treating wounds that won't heal, like leg ulcers, can be tough. These wounds are often infected and swollen, making it hard for them to get better. Cistus and King Kong, when used along with other treatments, can help break this cycle of infection and swelling. This is important for giving the body the right conditions to heal.

For someone with an open fracture, there's a risk that the infection might spread, even if they get antibiotics. Using King Kong and Cistus right after antibiotic treatment for about two months can really make a difference. It helps reduce the chances of complications and speeds up recovery.

How to Use Cistus and King Kong

If someone is feeling tired, worn out, and is at risk of getting sick, it's a good idea to use both Cistus Complex and King Kong. It's like giving your body extra support to stay healthy.

Wishing you lots of strength and good health in the coming months.
- Dr. Alexandra Vosátkova, MD

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