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Spiron 50ml

Spiron 50ml

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spray with a balanced blend of essential oils

  • prevention of infections, insect repellent
  • wound disinfection, air freshening
  • calming the mind, healthy sleep
  • arrest of bleeding, hand hygiene

Use of Spiron spray

This product contains a balanced composition of the purest essential oils and bioinformation. Via inhalation the aromatic substances get into our blood circulation very fast, and therefore they are able to remarkably stabilize some bodily functions. Primarily it influences the channels of lungs, heart, large intestine, stomach, waist, and to some extent also other energy channels. It may be used for headaches, depressions, neurasthenia, neural fatigue, infectious lung disease, and
influenza. When traveling, Spiron may be used also as a disinfectant.

* Statements provided are EFSA compliant.

Active ingredients

Essential oils (East Indian lemongrass, lemon scented gum, Indian frankincense, camphor tree, English lavender, spearmint, cymbopogon grass, myrtle, balsam torchwood, needle fir, Oriental arborvitae).


Shake well before use and apply by a short spray in the air.

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