Did you know that, according to traditional Chinese medicine, it is very important to regularly harmonise and strengthen the organs belonging to the Earth element, specifically the spleen-pancreas?

In fact, in TCM, it is considered as one organ with the task of breaking down food and transforming it into a fine essence, which is then distributed throughout the body, especially to the lungs (METAL element). This essence constantly replenishes and renews the blood, making the spleen-pancreas responsible for blood formation and representing a source of life force. If our 'center' is in order, food strengthens us; however, if it is weak, problems arise.


Inappropriate and irregular eating (especially in a hurry), as well as constant thinking and rumination, weaken its function, resulting in indigestion, loss of appetite, diarrhea, flatulence, or even dizziness, blackouts before the eyes, reduced immunity, feeling of heavy legs, frequent nosebleeds, formation of bruises, severe fatigue, etc.

In this case, one gets into a vicious circle. If the spleen is already weakened, e.g., by a bad diet (yogurt with banana in the morning - the spleen does not like cold and dampness), excessive rumination appears as a pathology.


The spleen prefers warm and minimally industrialized food. Emphasise breakfast with warm porridge, soups, and broths. Therefore, it is good (especially in autumn and winter) to limit the intake of raw foods and juices. Instead, steam the food or gently boil it. Dairy products, cold drinks, food taken out of the fridge (let them stand at room temperature for at least an hour), coffee, and fruit juices, mainly citrus, are not recommended.

A great harmoniser of the spleen-pancreas and stomach is, for example, MYCOPAN, GYNEX, or STIMARAL. As a morning drink, choose QI DRINK, which, thanks to the content of lacrimal, known for its beneficial effect on our 'center,' will start your digestion beautifully.

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