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Cytovet 90 Capsules

Cytovet 90 Capsules

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natural supplement for animals

  • Detoxifying product containing humates
  • Removes toxins from the digestive tract
  • Cleanses the body overall

Product use

Regenerating product with exceptional detoxifying properties. It contains high molecular weight humic acids, succinic acid and silymarin. It is suitable for neutralising or removing toxins not only from the digestive tract but also from the whole body.

  • Prevention of age-related conditions in animals (reduction of the
    toxic burden on the intestines, liver and kidneys, as well as preventing arthrosis and degenerative diseases) (Regavet, Fytovet).
  • General cleansing of the body (Regavet).
  • Removal of acid metabolites (alkalisation of tissues), reduction of fatigue (Fytovet).
  • First aid for poisoning and alimentary intoxication (Regavet).
  • Anti-inflammatory effect in the digestive tract Ė neutralisation of
    inflammatory mediators (diarrhoea and inflammatory diseases of the
    digestive tract) (Regavet).
  • Degenerative and inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system (arthrosis, arthritis) (Regavet, Renovet, Kingvet).
  • Cancer it creates an unfavourable environment for tumor growth and metastasis, affects cell division and induction of apoptosis (Korovet, Regavet, Imunovet).
  • It cleans purulent processes, neutralises exotoxin (bacterial infections) (Imunovet, Kingvet).
  • Acceleration of regeneration.


vegetarian (hypromellose) capsule shell.

Recommendation from vet

I use Cytovet for enteritis, gastritis, colitis in combination with Regavet or Probiovet. As a supportive product in cancer patients to prolong the life of the animal. In combination with Imunovet for topical treatment of infected wounds and to accelerate healing of large skin
defects. The contents of the capsule can be dissolved in 400 ml of water and then used to rinse the eyes; it is effective in the treatment of herpesvirus keratoconjunctivitis in cats and various types of conjunctivitis in all animal species.

- Lucie Múčková, DVM

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