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Fytovet 100ml

Fytovet 100ml

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Natural supplement for all animals


Product use

A mineral supplement of natural origin for animals. It contains a highly bioavailable colloidal solution of more than 64 elements in natural form, with an absorption rate of up to 98%. It does not burden the body with excess minerals. If the colloidal minerals are not used, they are easily eliminated from the body. It is suitable for daily use. Universal for all animal species.

  • Source of colloidal minerals with nearly 100% availability.
  • Maintaining mineral and electrolyte balance (Renovet).
  • Replenishment of deficient macro and micro elements.
  • Activation of most of the body's enzymes (Regavet).
  • Reduction of fatigue (Regavet, Etovet).
  • Recommended for all chronic diseases.
  • Diseases of the digestive tract that inhibit mineral absorption (Regavet).
  • Hormonal system disorders (diabetes, thyroid disorders) (Regavet, Gynevet).
  • As an auxiliary treatment for poisoning (Regavet, Cytovet).
  • Skin problems (Gynevet).
  • Anti-itch product concentrated, external use (Regavet, Audivet).
  • Superficial skin injuries and burns (Imunovet).
  • Bird moulting (Gynevet).
  • Reptile moulting (Gynevet).

Recommendation from vet

Mineral deficiencies in feed can cause a number of chronic diseases. I therefore recommend using Fytovet as a natural dietary supplement on a
long-term basis. Supplementing missing minerals can be a solution to
many problems in some sick animals. In combination with the main concentrates, Fytovet is a common and indispensable ingredient in my practice for kidney, heart, skin problems, epilepsy, diabetes, thyroid
and other problems. It is also an excellent body activator in old animals.

- Petra Domesová, DVM

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