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Gynevet 30ml

Gynevet 30ml

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Natural supplement for all animals


Product use

A natural herbal concentrate which acts on the organs and tissues of the Earth element in the Five Element Regenerationg concept. It gently supports the spleen, pancreas, stomach, hormonal and nervous systems and mammary glands. Thus, it harmonises the activity of these organs and their tissues. It influences the neurohumoral control in the body. Overall, it increases the body's resistance to stressful influences. It stimulates the activity of the lungs, colon and skin (Metal element). It reduces the hyperactivity of the heart, pericardium, vascular system
and small intestine (Fire element).

  • Harmonisation of the hormonal system (Fytovet, Omegavet).
  • Prevention of false pregnancy.
  • Production and quality of breast milk (Skelevet, Fytovet).
  • Development of maternal instinct, sympathy, empathy
  • Reduction of stored fat (obesity, liver steatosis, atherosclerosis) (Omegavet).
  • Formation of new cells in virtually all tissues (Omegavet, Imunovet).
  • Stimulation of cellular immunity (Omegavet, Imunovet).
  • Regeneration of nervous tissue after trauma (Omegavet, Imunovet).
  • Restoration of articular cartilage, formation of joint fluid (Skelevet).
  • Chronic skin diseases (hair loss, dry dull skin, eczema, dermatophyte fungal infection, demodicosis) (Omegavet).
  • Promotion of the replacement and recovery of hair, feathers, scales (Skelevet, Fytovet, Omegavet).
  • Production of tears, protective mucus of the respiratory tract and colon.
  • Facilitation of expectoration.
  • Constipation (dry stools) (Omegavet).
  • Increasing resistance to parasites (Epivet).
  • Prevention of strokes and myocardial infarction (Omegavet, Fytovet).
  • Heart disease due to increased activity (tachycardia, some arrhythmias) (Fytovet, Omegavet).
  • Female fertility disorders (disorders of the oestrous cycle, cysts) (Omegavet).

Recommendation from vet

I use Gynevet with success in skin diseases accompanied by hair loss. It can be used, among other things, in the treatment of certain types of constipation, as a mucolytic agent, in the correction of tachycardia, degenerative liver diseases and to harmonise hormonal imbalances, especially in females. - Petra Domesova, DVM

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