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Imunosan 90 capsules

Imunosan 90 capsules

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Natural food supplement


Use of the natural food supplement Imunosan

Imunosan is a natural product that supports natural resilience and the immune system (reishi – lingzhi). Siberian ginseng supports respiratory system health, and supports healthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and induces relaxation and a good mood. Astragalus root helps enhance the health of the cardiovascular system. Astragalus root is known to act as a natural adaptogen and green tea extract promotes revitalisation of the body and general vitality. It may improve cognitive functions (memory, attention, concentration and readiness), concentration and

If you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, taking prescription medicines or under medical supervision it is advisable to consult a GP prior to using any of these products.

Active ingredients

Astragalus root extract, largehead atractylodes root extract, Reishi fruit body extract, Siberian ginseng root extract, glossy privet fruit extract, red clover herb extract, Himematsutake fruit body extract, green tea leaf extract, bellflower root extract, leucine.

Recommended daily dose

1 capsule 2-3 times a day. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. After three weeks interrupt the application for one week. It is
recommended to increase the intake of fluids within the period of application.

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