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Skelevet 135 softgels

Skelevet 135 softgels

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Natural supplement for animals


Product use

A mineral supplement of organic origin containing unique natural substances (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, silicon and other trace elements) ensuring optimal joint and bone nutrition and optimal activity of the muscles and some enzymatic systems. It contains the most favourable ratio of minerals for bone formation. Accompanying substances (vitamin D, C and A, unsaturated fatty acids, collagen) complement the balance of this product and increase the availability ofthe individual components in the body. It has an anti-inflammatory effect. It is suitable for all animal species and especially for growing young.

  • Promotion of bone mineralisation (Renovet, Kingvet).
  • Prevention and regeneration of growth disorders in young animals, bone softening in adult animals (Renovet, Kingvet).
  • It is suitable for older animals (arthrosis).
  • Prevention and treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system of animals (Regavet, Renovet, Kingvet).
  • Inflammation and trauma of joints, joint capsules, tendons and their insertions (Kingvet, Imunovet).
  • Fracture healing (Kingvet, Imunovet).
  • Strengthening the work of muscle tissue (including cardiac) (Kingvet).
  • Supportive agent in the treatment of allergic reactions, insect bites (Regavet, Audivet, Imunovet).
  • Restoration and regeneration of damaged hair (shine and strength, acceleration of moulting) (Gynevet).
  • Growth of horn, improvement of its quality (claws, horn pads, hooves, horns) (Gynevet).
  • Prevention and treatment of turtle shell deformities (Gynevet, Omegavet).
  • Preparation for reptile moulting (Gynevet).
  • Bird moulting (Gynevet).
  • Eggshell formation in birds and reptiles.


Soybean oil, gelatin capsule, cuttlebone powder,
wetting agent – glycerol, collagen, fish oil, water, nettle stem and leaf extract, emulsifier – monoand
diglycerides of fatty acids,
manganese sulphate, rosehip
fruit extract, beeswax –
glazing agent, caramel – natural
dye, lecithin – emulsifier.

Recommendation from vet

I use Skelevet as joint nutrition in growing animals and in patients with degenerative joint disease (arthrosis). Another indication is increased claw brittleness and weakening of the keratin surface of the paw pads, where Skelevet increases the strength, flexibility and resistance of these structures.

Milena Martincova, DVM

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